What We Do

Tree Surveys

  • Including Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Tree Constraints Plans and Tree Protection Plans
  • Arboricultural Method Statements and onsite supervision
  • Tree surveys to include future management recommendations and detailed report of any tree work required
  • Statutory constraints advice and tree work applications with regards to Tree Preservation Orders and trees situated within Conservation Areas
  • Tree pest and disease diagnosis with management recommendations
  • Advanced decay detection – PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and increment core analysis
  • Management of any associated tree work
  • Mortgage application surveys
  • Aerial drone surveys and photography
Andrew Jackman Carrying Out Tree survey

Woodland Management

  • Woodland and Forestry advice
  • Invasive Species identification and control
  • Woodland project management
  • Felling License Applications
A&R Inverness woodland survey

Digital Mapping Service

  • Data gathered using the latest GIS software
  • Production of digital maps
  • Maps can include themes e.g. to convey species mix, individual tree re-inspection frequencies, felling areas and woodland compartments
  • Maps for Forest Grant applications.
  • Digital maps for Planning Applications to BS:5837 standard to include Tree Constraints Plans and Tree Protection Plans
Digital Map by A&R woodland consultants

Drone Services

  • Aerial imagery in hard to inspect areas - safer and cheaper surveying without putting the surveyor in dangerous or inaccessible locations
  • Providing accurate tree counts
  • Aerial inspection as an extension to level 2 VTA tree inspections
  • Assessment of plant health and damage in relation to tree health pests and disease
  • identification and monitoring of invasive species
  • Forest acquisition surveys and promotional filming - for prospective buyers and agents
  • Site vegetation and species mapping
Aerial Drone Tree Survey